A new Bug in WhatsApp Lets Blocked Contacts Send Messages, View Profile and Status.


People are facing weird problems regarding WhatsApp. Ut seems like a bug is allowing users it send messages to contacts who have blocked them.

According to sources, blocked users are  not only able to send messages on WhatsApp but also see profile details and Status of users who have blocked them.some of the users even tweeted about this issue.

“Anyone else receiving messages from people they’ve blocked on WhatsApp?” wrote a Twitter user.

Well lucky for you, we have a temporary solution. Unblocking and then reblocking the contact will permanently block the contact. WhatsApp is yet to acknowledge the problem and issue an official statement.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp users are facing issues with the app. Last month, it was reported that a WhatsApp bug replaced timestamps with ASCI codes. According to reports, timestamps for chats on the WhatsApp beta version for Android were showing as “89ESTERDAY and “84ODAY” instead of “Yesterday” and “Today”. The Facebook-owned company later released a fix to resolve the issue. We expect the messaging service to roll out a fix for the latest issue as well.