Microsoft Developer’s youtube channel now has a complete playlist of all Build 2018 sessions


Microsoft recently organized its annual conference event, Microsoft Build 2018, aimed towards software engineers and web developers using Windows and other Microsoft technologies. This year it took place in Seattle, Washington, the United States from 7 May to 9 May 2018.

If you missed some Build sessions because you were busy, or if you just want to watch them again, you can go over to Microsoft Developer’s Youtube channel and check for Microsoft Build 2018 – All Sessions playlist. You can also follow the direct link to the playlist given below.

The whole playlist has over 200 videos, each uploaded at 1080p resolution with proper subtitles available.

Apart from the Youtube channel, you can also use Microsoft’s official developer site for Build where the videos can be better filtered according to the areas of interest, topics and content types.

Link to the Microsoft Build 2018 event page.