This Lenovo Phone Has Edge to Edge Display with No Notch!


It seems like Lenovo has achieved a major breakthrough. The phone appeared out of nowhere when Lenovo first boasted it from their Twitter account and fascinated every tech enthusiast in the world.

Lenovo Z5 looks like an iPhone X, without a notch.

The upcoming Z5 has a stunning edge-to-edge display with incredibly slim bezels, but it is missing the controversial notch that has been slowly invading Android devices since Apple unveiled its latest flagship last September.

Though the Z5 looks like an iPhone X, it is more beautiful looking than any other smartphone ever created. We aren’t sure how Lenovo has achieved this breakthrough but Lenovo did file 18 Patents to achieve this 95% screen to body ration display according to Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng.

Where is the camera, front speaker and other sensors?

It’s not yet clear whether the Z5 will have a front-facing selfie camera, or how you’ll hear calls. There doesn’t appear to be a speaker in the narrow bezel above its display, so it’s possible the company is using a piezoelectric speaker behind the screen like Xiaomi has in the Mi Mix.

It’s also unclear how the Z5 will handle security. Presumably, it will use fingerprint scanning — there appear to be no sensors for facial recognition — but we don’t know whether that scanner will be located on the back of the device or beneath its display.

The Lenovo Z5 will come in June 2018. Stay tuned and keep us following for more updates.