Android P: Gestures in Action!

How to perform many of Android P's new gestures and some interface changes too



It has been rumored for a few months that Android P would debut a new gesture based system instead of the back, home, and recent applications buttons we have grown accustomed to seeing. The new “home” button is denoted by a pill which can take you home, take you to a recently used application, take you to the new multitasking screen, or bring up the app drawer from within any application. The only gesture I was not able to get working was bringing up the app drawer from within any application. I also thought I’d show off the new quick settings menu and settings menu as well. Enjoy and please ask questions in the comments below.

Recent Applications:

Let’s start with a nice swift swipe up on the home button. This will take us to the recent applications menu and allow us to switch between applications we have recently used. This menu will also allow us to enable split screen by pressing the application icon. In the future you will be able to copy text that is appearing on the recent application you are viewing without entering the application.

Multitasking Slider:

If you are having trouble pinpointing exactly which application you want to get into through the multitasking menu you can drag right on the home button to create a slider you can use to scroll through your recent applications. Making this gesture quickly will result in the same action as quickly double pressing the recent applications button which takes you back to your last used application.

Screenshot from Power Menu:

This gesture is fairly easy. In Android P you will be able to take a screenshot by holding the power button and selecting screenshot as well as pressing power and the volume down key.

New Volume Menu:

Adjusting the volume on your Android phone has become far more straightforward. Pressing the volume key will only adjust the media volume. There is a button on top that toggles between ringer, vibrate, and silent. There is also a settings cog to give you more granular volume control from the volume menu.

New Settings and Quick Settings

This is mostly just an aesthetic change but I thought it would be nice to show off. The quick settings toggles are are blue circles and the settings icons are different colored circles. Some like them others don’t, I personally feel it’s a welcomed change.


What do you all think of some of the new aspects of Android P? Currently it’s quite buggy however it’s fun to see the direction Android is going. I want to hear from you now. Do you think you’ll download the Android Beta? What aspect of Android P are you most excited to see? What part of Android P do you think OEMs will change the most? Let us know in the comments below!