Nearby Share support for Android and iOS devices confirmed by Microsoft


At a Build session today, Microsoft shared its future plans for Nearby Share  feature that was introduced recently in Windows 10 April Update. Microsoft confirmed that Nearby Share will soon support Android and iOS devices for data transfer through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Nearby Share is a feature added in latest Windows 10 feature update, although it was teased back in  November 2017. It is a ad-hoc file transfer service for Windows devices (and now cross-platform). Files are sent wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi, whichever is feasible. This is similar to AirDrop available for Apple devices.

Microsoft demonstrated Nearby Share using a sample Android app and sharing a link between Windows PC and Android App. Developers can also add Nearby Share support in their apps by using Project Rome SDK while building their project (does not support native sharing methods Android and iOS currently have). Nearby Share supports sharing of files and bytes, making it possible to share any kind of data between the devices.

Microsoft plans to adds PC to Android data sharing to Nearby Share, which is currently limited to Android to PC sharing. Probably because of the popularity and abundance of Android devices, or otherwise, Microsoft will be first deliver it on Android, iOS will get the feature later.