Trade-in your Old OnePlus Device and Get Upto $330!


With less than a week left from the official OnePlus 6 event, OnePlus just launched a new trade-in program.

With tradi-in programmes, consumers can easily score a few bucks to go towards their new device in exchange for an older smartphone. Most major smartphone makers, including Google, offer trade-in options that deliver cash for your old hardware. Now, OnePlus is doing the same thing.

Head over yo the OnePlus’ site and you can trade-in your old OnePlus smartphone to get a credit which can be used to help offset the cost of a new OnePlus 6.

The company is offering up to $330 USD to users who trade in their older OnePlus devices. The site mentions that OnePlus is accepting trades of OnePlus 3 devices or newer, so it definitely seems like this is exclusive to current OnePlus users who are hoping to upgrade to the latest option.

The offer is Europe exclusive. So you need to sign up soon to take full advantage of this program.