Google’s All New Six Assistant Voices are Live



Google, during the IO18, said that how WaveNet is making speech synthesis more realistic. To drive the point home, Google announced six new Assistant voices were coming to devices. We expected them to roll out at a later date, but they’re already live in the Assistant settings.

The voices are live on all devices and aren’t restricted to the Pixels. Open your Assistant settings, then go to Preferences > Assistant Voice. There were two voices available previously, so the list now has eight entries. The top two are the original voices you already know.

The WaveNet tool comes from Google subsidiary DeepMind. It uses a neural network to create speech that’s more natural than Google’s old system. It’s been in use since last year on Assistant, and the difference was noticeable when it rolled out. There’s still a slightly robotic quality to the voices, and that’s true of the new ones. Still, not bad for a computer.