r/XboxInsiders on Reddit is the new Xbox Insider Community forum


Xbox Insider team at Microsoft has decided to move their online community to Reddit. r/XboxInsiders subreddit will serve as the new place for Insiders to participate in discussions, help other Insiders, ask questions and provide feedback to the Insider team.

As the reason, they’ve stated that Xbox Preview Forums are going to change, hence the migration. However, Preview Forums will not be shut down, they’ll just be locked and users will not to allowed to create new posts for few weeks. Xbox Forums, on the other hand, will stay up as usual.

r/XboxInsiders is moderated by mods from r/XboxOne, Xbox Insider Program Staff, and individuals from Xbox Community. The sub was created just a few days ago and 2.5k subscribers already.

It’s good to see Microsoft reach out to its community in ways other than Microsoft’s own Insider forums. r/Windows and r/Microsoft are hotspots for users, and Microsoft even has an official Discord channel for the community. Reddit is one of the best places to have community talks, and I hope Microsoft will improve their Insider forums to match its quality.

Source Xbox News