Facebook Messenger Redesign Coming, Dark Theme Included


Facebook has announced that a complete redesign is coming to its (Facebook) Messenger app. According to the info provided by the source, this redesign is actually coming in the near future, even though a specific timeframe was not given. It was shared, however, that the company has been working on this redesign since the beginning of this year, and the new design is supposed to bring a clear and simplified experience, while it will also add a dark theme.

Facebook had admitted a while back that Messenger has become too bloated, and that the company will take some weight off it in the future. Well, this new design seems to be aimed at just that, reverting Messenger to its natural state, a true messaging app without a ton of additional non-messaging features. Facebook has introduced adds to Messenger, along with a lot of other features, such as gaming, for example.

It is still unclear whether the company aims to remove some of those features once the new design arrives, or will they stay in the app, we’ll just have to wait and see. If Facebook ends up removing gaming, for example, chances are we’ll get a new app which is aimed strictly at gaming, unless the company decides to scrap it altogether on mobile, we’ll see.