Twitter PWA Now Available for Windows 10 Mobile.


The Twitter PWA can be downloaded via Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile but that’s not a very good thing. This unfortunately means Windows 10 Mobile users will no longer receive things like push notifications, as notifications from the Twitter PWA rely on service workers to function, and Windows 10 Mobile does not support service workers.

Microsoft left Windows 10 Mobile behind at Redstone 2 when it switched to the feature2 branch, and has such does not have any of the new improvements to PWA support that Redstone 4 introduced on PC. This means that while the Twitter PWA works, it does not have many tie-ins with the OS.

For example, the Twitter PWA on Mobile no longer has a live tile, and as already mentioned, does not have push notification support. This means those on Windows 10 Mobile won’t get notifications when someone sends you a message or retweets you on Twitter. It also has no dark mode. Notifications work on PC because Windows 10 desktop supports these service workers included with Redstone 4.

The advantages are that twitter users have now extended character support, ability to bookmark tweets, and more. Perhaps the update was pushed out in error, or maybe Twitter thinks users on Mobile won’t mind missing out on things like push notifications.

Let us know what you think about the new update.