Twitter’s New Feature Groups News Links Together

No more chronological tweets?


Twitter is rolling out a new timeline change that groups tweets about the same story together. This feature helps to pit all the tweets about a topic under the same banner and it makes people easier to search for what they’re looking for.

Twitter confirmed this rollout saying is coming to all users on iOS, Android and web. Essentially, this feature analyzes the links in tweets and groups tweets with the same link together. The story is placed at the top of a new card in your timeline, with each individual tweet based on that link appearing below.

It prevents users from seeing the same link shared multiple times throughout their timeline, instead grouping it all under one central heading. On the other hand, this means Twitter is moving farther away from a chronological feed, much like other social networks.

Twitter has made several efforts to branch into news over the last few years. For instance, company has started live streaming local news broadcasts next to the timeline.

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