New Instagram Update makes Uploading Stories More Easier


With the new update, you can now upload photos and videos to your stories more conveniently. The new update will enable users to upload multiple images and clips to their story all at once. This will make sharing much easier and most of all more convenient. Once the update is available in the app, you will see a new icon in the top right-hand corner, when you go to upload media. Once you tap it, you can start the process of selecting up to ten pictures or videos.

When you are satisfied with your selection, you’ll see a preview of the story on the editing screen. You can still add your personal flair by selecting each individual media that was uploaded. The app will also be able to show you location stickers relevant to the images captured. When you are done with the story, you can upload it all at once, enabling your audience to consume what you have created.

The new update is available for Android starting today and will be rolling out to iOS users in the coming weeks.