Google rolls out a new fresh design for Gmail


Google has been using the plain old design for Gmail for quite a long time, and here they are with a redesigned UI for Gmail with newly added features.

Google had already shared this news early about the changes coming to Gmail, and now they’ve started rolling out the changes too. The new design will be available for all, and 1.2 billion users are using it already.

Most notable changes include(via MSPU):

  • Google has added “confidential mode” to the new Gmail which will prevent users from copying, downloading or printing the email. This is good especially for corporates who send and receive sensitive emails.
  • The confidential mode also allows users to set an expiration date after which the email will become inaccessible. Users can also add an option to encrypt the email using a passcode which the receiver needs to enter in order to access the email.
  • Google has also transformed Tasks which was a to-do list tool that has been hidden in Gmail since 2008. It has been integrated into a much more useful, nicer-looking way to make lists. It has launched delightfully simple mobile apps for it, too.
  • Google is also making it easy for users to manage attachments. Gmail will now show attachments directly so you don’t need to keep on digging through emails to find a particular file.
  • Starting today, Google will allow users to access quick actions just by hovering over threads and taking actions such as flagging, deleting, etc.
  • The new offline mode will allow users to draft emails when not connected to the internet and will send them once the user goes online.
  • Starting today, Gmail will bother you with mobile notifications only when it thinks that an email is important. For example, if you’re scheduling something and were replying to every email in that thread, Gmail will ping you for new emails but will block notifications related threads you didn’t reply.
  • Google has also added nudges which will allow you to follow up on an email if the person hasn’t responded to an email you’ve sent a few days ago.
  • With the latest update, you can use Smart Replies on Gmail for Web. The feature was previously available for just mobile users but is now available for Web users as well.
  • You can now mention people in the email body which will automatically add them to the recipient list.

If you’re still on the old design and want to try out the new one, you can head over to the Settings and select “Try the new Gmail.”. If you find yourself not a big fan of the new design, you can switch back to an old design by selecting “Go back to classic Gmail” in the Settings.

Source Google Blogs