Microsoft Translator For Android Gets Offline AI Features


Microsoft Translator has added new capabilities that allow users and developers to get artificial intelligence-powered translations whether or not they have access to the Internet.

The new capabilities allow both end-users and third-party app developers to have the benefit of neural translation technology regardless of whether the device is connected to the cloud or offline. ​

When using the Microsoft Translator app, end users can now download free AI-powered offline packs. In addition, through the new Translator app local feature preview, Android developers will be able to quickly and easily integrate online and offline AI text translations into their apps.


For now, those are being made available in the “most popular” languages and the company plans to spread them to every pack over time through subsequent updates. Although better translations and smaller size are guaranteed to be a good thing for users of the Microsoft Translator itself, this is also great news for developers. Thanks to the company’s decision to incorporate the change into a Translator app local feature preview, developers can use the tool to include the same functionality into their own apps. Of course, it can also be used via the cloud. That means providing real-time A.I.-based translations in any app that takes advantage of the new NMT packs, without taking up too much more space.