ZTE Axon 9 & Axon 9 Pro Coming Soon, Trademarks reveal


Chinese phone maker ZTE is preparing to commercialize two new additions to its Axon family of Android smartphones, having recently trademarked the terms “Axon 9” and “Axon 9 Pro” with the Eurasian Economic Union. Besides what are widely believed to be full-fledged flagships, the company also filed to trademark the names “Blade A7,” “Blade A7 Vita,” and “Blade A531.” The three devices in questions are expected to be of the non-premium variety and compete in the entry-level and mid-range segment of the market, depending on the model.

Following the success of the Axon 7 lineup launched in mid-2016, the original equipment manufacturer was widely expected to follow up on its products with an Axon 8-branded offering, but while several potential Axon 8 models ended up being sighted in various benchmarking databases throughout 2017, no such product was ultimately introduced by the firm, with ZTE instead focusing its high-end smartphone efforts on the unconventional Axon M which was advertised as the world’s first contemporary foldable handset following its debut last fall. This January, the OEM confirmed that it hasn’t scrapped its ultra-premium Axon offerings and is planning on releasing at least one such product at some point in 2018 under the Axon 9 brand, skipping the Axon 8 name altogether.

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