New “War Mode” is coming to Custom games in PUBG


PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, or commonly known as PUBG, is planning to add a new game mode known as War mode to custom games. This new game mode will feature player respawns and default starting guns for all for the first time in the game.

War mode is loosely based on deathmatch mode in other games, where team fights each other to achieve a preset score. The goal in War mode is to score 80 points either as a squad or individually. Kills and revives give you points whereas team kills reduce them. If you die, you can respawn again in the safe zone at certain time intervals. At each spawn, you’ll also be provided an SMG as the main weapon. The mode offers other settings too, such as static safe zones which can be tweaked by the server admin.

Custom games run on custom servers, which currently limited players can access. War mode may come to live servers as an Event mode in near future, but until then it will be limited to custom servers, which only a few PUBG partners can create only on Windows PCs.

As for the Xbox One users, at the PAXEast event today, PlayerUnkown (Brendan Greene) and Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) announced that Xbox One will soon be getting a new map, Miramar. The map will be coming to PUBG on Xbox One this May.

The War mode is different from normal Battle Royal mode, which will force players to focus more on combat rather just than surviving, looting and camping. This should be more fun for party players as no one who dies first will be forced to just watch his friends play for the rest of the game. However, this could introduce intentional dying and more griefing methods to the game. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


Source PUBG Forums
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