Samsung promises to roll out Oreo Update to every Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 within three weeks


Back in February, Samsung rolled out Oreo Update for the carrier-locked S9 and S9+. While they stopped it due to a reboot bug, but it was surprising as carrier-locked phones usually get update late. Now the company has announced on their community website that they are working with all the carriers across the world to release the update within three weeks.

“We understand that many of you have Unlocked Galaxy S8/+ and Note 8 devices and may be wondering why those with Carrier models are seeing the updates first.”

“We’re working with our Carriers to get Oreo out to ALL eligible Galaxy S8/+ and Note 8 devices within the next 2-3 weeks.”

“The reason for this is that Unlocked devices must go through more rigorous testing than Carrier-specific devices because we need to make sure there is proper network functionality across ALL supported networks.”

Via Cnet