10 Life Hacks for the Traveling Businessman


10 Life Hacks for the Traveling Businessman

The life of an international traveling businessman may seem glamorous and exciting, but for many of us, it can be a challenge. Navigating foreign countries and cultures is no walk in the park. The long flights and migrations from city to city, hotel to hotel can really take its toll. You may have picked up a few traveling tricks along the way, but here are few that you might have missed.


  • Never Settle for Less than Business Class


If you travel long distances to Asia or Europe, it’s worth dishing out the extra cash to bump yourself up to first or second class. Most businesses will pay for their employees to travel in business class, however, not all of them have the financial resources to do so. If you’re going to be on a plane for 8 or more hours, speak to your superiors about upgrading or use your own money. Not only can you write off the upgrade as a business expense, but you will be much more rested for that important meeting the morning you land.


  • Translation Software


The world is getting smaller every day and the need for quality language translation software is on the rise. Investing in business translation softwarecan make giving that presentations abroad or sending documents to a new client easy. Don’t spend thousands on third-party translators when you can let a machine do it for you.


  • Stay Prepared


Keep a laminated packing checklist that you can re-use every time you need to get ready for a trip. Having a checklist will streamline the packing process so you can stay focused on the board meeting instead of getting ready. You should always have a small toiletry bag stocked with all the essential items you’re going to need. Pack a power strip so that you can charge multiple electronic devices at once—hotels never seem to have enough outlets. Make sure you have an adapter for every country you visit; you won’t want to fry your laptop 3,000 miles from home.


  • Pack Light, Pack Smart


Coordinating outfits is one way to save space. If you stick to dark and neutral color schemes, mixing and matching outfits will be much easier and you’ll be able to stretch your clothes out (figuratively) for those extended trips.

Roll rather than fold—using this technique can save you space and prevent wrinkles.

Pick up a travel notebook with an envelope so you can keep track of receipts and other business expenses.


  • TSA Precheck


Enrolling in TSA Precheck is one of the savviest and most intelligent things you can do as a traveling businessman or woman. International travelers can enroll in Global Entry for trips abroad. The expedited security screening is well worth its relatively low cost.


  • Don’t Check Luggage


On longer trips, it might not be possible to bring everything you need in a carry-on bag. If possible, bring only what you’re allowed to carry on the plane. Using packing techniques (as mentioned in #4), you can get everything you need in a small carry-on roller suitcase.


  • Loyalty Programs


Join every loyalty program you possibly can. If the emails are going to drive you crazy, just create a separate email account for the coupons they are going to send you.

Consolidate as many flights as possible with your preferred airline so that you build the maximum amount of frequent flyer miles—the same method can be used on car rental companies as well.


  • Travel apps


Download apps like Trip Advisor and Yelp so you can make the most of your travel dining and sightseeing experience. Make sure to download the app for the airline you are traveling with so you can get real-time updates on flights and delays.


  • Avoid Jet Lag


Jet lag is the most dreaded part of flying for most international travelers. It’s hard to stay sharp when your mind is in a different time zone. You can mitigate jet lag by shifting your meals to times that are closer to the time zone you’re headed.


  • Add an Extra Day


You may not be granted the extra time, however, if you can spare a day, take a moment to explore and experience the new culture you’ve been dropped into. It would be a shame to come home without a good story to tell about your travel experience.

Apply these useful travel strategies and you will be jetting across the globe with ease and style in no time.