Vodafone launches world’s largest international future jobs programme


Vodafone today announced the launch of a ground-breakinginternational future jobs programme “What will you be?” to provide career guidance andaccess to training content in the digital economy for up to 5 million youth in India and 10 millionyoung people across 18 countries by 2022. This Vodafone digital skills and jobs initiative is thelargest of its kind in the world.As part of this landmark initiative, Vodafone has developed Future Jobs Finder –a new onlineplatform accessible to all youth for career guidance, accessto relevant trainings and search meaningful jobs in thedigital economy globally.

The first step in the Future JobsFinder is a series of quick psychometric tests designed toidentify each individual’s aptitudes and interests and thenmap these to the most appropriate job category in the digitaleconomy. In the second step, the individual is directed tospecific job opportunities in their chosen location. Users canalso access relevant online digital skills training on thisplatform, where several courses are available free of cost.On completing the tests, users also receive a summary oftheir skills and interests that can be used on their C.V. or ina job application.