Disney + Samsung = Mickey AR Emojis?

Disney has AR Emjois on the Galaxy S9 and S9+


If you thought Apple was the only one lucky enough to be able to make agreements with Disney then open up the AR emoji feature on your shiny new Galaxy S9 and discover you can turn into Mickey and Minnie! If this trend is to follow then we may expect to see Samsung team up with other groups to get their faces moving like yours.

Although it may not be as precise as Apple’s “Animoji” Samsung’s AR emoji take your facial movements and have an animated character either premade or made to look like you perform similar facial gestures. You can also use them as normal gifs as well, but we think making funny face movements is more our style.

Let us know what you think of these different animated emojis. Do you like Apple’s implementation, or Samsung’s? What characters would you like to have recreate your facial movements? Let us know in the comments below.