Cyclonis Password Manager: Best free password manager tool for Windows and Mac

As netizens, we all should have at least dozens of website username and password credentials that make us keep saying ourselves never forget passwords. In most time, it is challenging to figure the right password or even the username for some specific websites. The password managers are there to help you in managing the credentials for the sites. Most people are doubted about the cloud-based password manager app security and reliability, so they love to write them down on paper. Although, many password managers are there which could be trusted for the security concern’s sake. 
The Cyclonis Password Manager is one of the best and free password manager apps available on both PC and Mac. It is a great cross-platform tool which can help storing, managing and monitoring the passwords of every website that needed to be logged in. 
Cyclonis Password Manager app is developed by Cyclonis Ltd. which provides a private vault for each user t save their passwords and other private credentials and other pieces of information. The software is available on both the PC and Mac, secured with AES-256 bit encryption system which store and encrypt website account passwords. All the credentials can be managed with a master password which is given set by the user itself. One of the major highlights of the Cyclonis Password Manager is that it does not send the passwords directly to any cloud storage or even Cyclonis server. The passwords and other details are being encrypted from the system itself offline, and the encrypted vault will only be sent to the cloud storage. This cannot be decrypted in any way unless you have the master password for you as offline. So, in any case, you forget your master password, all the details would be lost forever. 
Cyclonis ensures a password analyzer system which analyses your password strength using a special algorithm. Also, it makes sure that you don’t reuse your password elsewhere which is already used on one website. According to the security analysts, the reusing of passwords brings the security concern of your other accounts at the stake of vulnerability as there is a significant chance that any of the websites could undergo attack and could expose your password. Apart from the extra encryption, the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) method helps in doubling the security. The software reminds you once a password becomes a bit older. 
The password generator feature in Cyclinis Password Manager can generate complex passwords randomly which comply as strong passwords. 
Surprisingly, the passwords are the only things that can be stored in Cyclonis. Theis provides you with an entire secured vault where you can save your bank details, Credit card data, payment gateway credentials, documents, etc. The utility software also comes with a browser integration plugin feature which supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers. The plugins can help in auto-filling the forms including usernames, passwords, card details and all. The app gives choices for the user to choose where to store the encrypted data including Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and local Storage. So, the passwords are not being deposited on the company cloud storage, but the one which you choose enables automatic Data Sync with the Cloud. Also, there is no way beneath the file unless you have the master key. The cloud integration can help you in syncing the passwords across devices easily. Now it becomes easier to import and export passwords using this fantastic tool. 
Key Features
  • Password Analysis
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Zero security breach
  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Simple User interface
  • 2FA Feature
  • Complex, Random Password generator
  • ENd-to-End Encryption
  • Encrypted private notes
  • Stores payment information
  • Availability of browser extension
  • Cloud Sync your passwords across devices
Among a lot other password managers, the Cyclonis Password Manager stands out with its free of cost nature and extra premium level security features. Unlike other apps, this one does not have a premium version, so no fear of losing money. While most other password managers store the passwords and our other credentials on their server, the Cyclonis does not even communicate with their server regarding our account details. The locally stored passwords can be transferred to any of our cloud storage after the encryption. The password or key to decrypt the file will be with us offline, and not transferred to online. SO it is highly secure, and we only have to remember the master password to the Cyclonis. You can go for this app, preferring over other software available. 


You can download this tool using the following links:

Windows Version Cyclonis

Mac version Cyclonis