The Blogging Industry & Beginners Guide on Getting Started


How to Jump on the Blogging Hype

Are you really passionate about something? So passionate that you want to tell the world about it, and possibly make a name for yourself in the meantime? If so, great!
Blogging is a brilliant way for you to professionally get your thoughts and passions across and reach a real audience who probably feel the same way. It seems that everybody has a blog these days, and it is a massively fulfilling way to burn some spare time.


The Rise of Blogging

Blogging began to raise traction in the mid-to-late nineties when the internet was still relatively young and home computers were becoming more affordable. The first ever person to publish a blog was a freelance journalist in 1994 named Justin Hall.
For the first few years, bloggers had to host their own websites to host their thoughts and opinions, which made blogging inaccessible for less tech-savvy individuals. All that changed in 1998 when the first blogging platform – Open Diary – was launched.
At the turn of the century, blogging was still relatively little-done. At the end of 1999, there were only 23 blogs published online.
This all changed between 2000 and 2001 when the world’s first video blog (called a ‘vog’) was published and Mashable and TechCrunch launched the 21st century’s first mainstream blog.
Then WordPress came around and blogging became accessible (technically) to everyone.


Blogging Today

It is a serious business, that’s for sure. Blogging platform WordPress is by far the industry-leader with over 18.7 million blogs, representing a whopping 96% of the market share. WordPress are seconded by Blogger – owned by Google – with around 750,000 blogs which represent 3.8% market share.
Where’s the other .2%, you ask? That minuscule number is split across all the other blogging and micro-blogging platforms available on the internet such as Tumblr and Medium.


Starting a Blog

Interested in launching your own blog and submitting your keystrokes to an audience of millions of people around the world? It’s really very simple! Check out our infographic below to find out more about blogging, and how to write your very first blog post.