New report suggests Samsung Galaxy S9 has the world’s best display


Samsung usually makes the best displays. Even your iPhone’s displays come from Samsung. While last year, iPhone X had the best display out of every other device. Samsung this year have snatched the crown with their Galaxy S9. DisplayMate did a lot of testing and research and found out that Samsung has finetuned their display to provide perfect color accuracy while enhancing the brightness by 20%. Many color gamut standards like DCI-P3, RGB, and sRGB, are supported and executed so good that they are “Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect”. They even went as far as claiming that the display found in Galaxy S9 is  “almost certainly considerably better than your existing living room 4K Ultra HD TV”.

Read more of the big and detailed review here at DisplayMate.

Source DisplayMAte
Via TechRadar