The recent Microsoft Launcher updates buzz is driving the ambiance around crazy. From the users to the competitors, everyone is looking forward to experiencing the updated comfortable features and evaluate the advancement of the program to have a better perspective. The updates that came weeks ago are now in their full swing making the home screen experience of the users even more pleasant. “Make your phone beautiful, organize your mobile life, and be productive across all your devices”, is the message that Microsoft Launcher developers are spreading worldwide through their website (to date). These words signify the changes they have brought and the advancement that they dream of witnessing all around.  

The branding agency Dubai and the various website designing Dubai firms are excited to update their work android smartphones and enjoy their work on the computer while using the ‘Continue on PC’ feature. Didn’t you hear how productive it has made the working environment all around?  

Let’s shine some light on the enthralling updates you need to keep track of: 

  1. Customize the home screen 

The beauty of every smartphone lies on the home screen and the way the app icons are arranged. Every once in a while the users like to change their taste and please their eyes with the new outlook. You wish for the same too, don’t you? This is why the new launcher updates bring adorable Bing wallpapers that change every day. Moreover, you can customize the style of the app icons and hide the ones you don’t find regularly useful. Oh, and the app launching animations and the widgets refined to the best are an amazing addition to the new app. 

  1. Continue on PC 

The Outlook, OneDrive, and the office apps are the most common ones used in the workplace and people who regularly use them find the ‘continue on PC’ feature of this app really useful. The Launcher lets you view the photos, documents, and websites from the mobile to a PC. You can then easily edit them and save the changes.  

A single tap on the home screen will trigger the opening of the file on the PC. It’s that easy! All that the new Microsoft Launcher app has done is to increase the usability of the smartphone to a higher extent. This excitingly new feature discriminates the Microsoft Launcher from its older counterpart Arrow making it the apple of the eye of the users.  

  1. Your most important feed is a swipe away 

Next, the developers move on to including the refined feed feature in the launcher. Many Android phones are devoid of the classy social media app like news feed scrolling bar. The updates enable such scrolling feed to the users and allow them to add the recent upcoming event/ calendar appointments and any important reminder to the feed. Moreover, the top most contacts can be added to the Home screen as well. 

And do you know the best part? Again, even the feed is customizable. The developers are really looking into improving the customer experience this time and keeping the user’s interest intact in their program. With the various tones of themes and color accents (similar to the Windows 10), the depth and motion of the overall interface are enhanced.  

  1. 12 x 12 grid layout, drag, and drop option 

With this added update, the Microsoft Launcher and its 12 x 12 grid layout options are providing the users an irresistible satisfaction. The key to responsive UI is a 12-column grid layout. It creates an amazing visual consistency and offers flexibility to the overall design. Other than this, you can now enjoy the drag and drop apps options as well without the need of entering the edit mode. And if you feel like keeping the old stuff too, you can migrate such data from other launchers and make a backup n this one. The ‘customized to their needs’ freaks might not find this useful as the chance to set everything in the way they want is hard for them to resist. And this is what makes the launcher productive!  

  1. Up to date fixed crash bugs 

We all hate the bugs and software crashers, don’t we? Finally, our thoughts have been read by the app manufacturers. The latest updates of the apps are focused on fixing the previous crash bugs. The overall improvements and the performance tuning stunts have molded the heart of the users leaving them impressed. The app has led to the smartphones to run smoother and faster.  

These five enthralling updates of the amazing newly replaced app is creating great records and replacing the Arrow’s flaws really well. Those of you who have a different launcher can easily shift to this one by installing it through the Google Play store on their Android phones.  

Guest post done by,

Junaid Ali Qureshi 

is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.