Prebook Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in India before anyone else


Samsung just unveiled Galaxy S9 and S9+, 2018 flagship products. While the official release date is March 16 and March 2 is the pre-order starting day, countries like India are yet waiting for official price or availability of the devices in their regions.

But this time, Samsung has taken a different approach in India. They are letting customers prebook a device to receive it on the lunch day. To make a pre-book, customers need to spend 2000 INR on a coupon. You can use the coupon to reserve a purchased slot and later redeem it to buy the device.

To buy a coupon, one needs to visit Samsung India’s online store, pick the device, enter few details needed to set the order and pay. Notification will come via both email and texts when the device gets available.

Via Android Authority