Details on Carrier availability of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in United States


A good thing about Samsung is that they have reimagined the phone but forgot to reimagine the price like Apple. Even though the new flagships won’t cost as much as it was rumored, it’s still better to find deals.  Let’s take a look at the deals from Samsung and the carriers.

Samsung – They are selling the unlocked version fo S9 and S9+ for $720 and $840 respectively.  Financing offer is also there for 24 months. You can have ownership of the devices by paying $30 per month for the S9 and $35 for the S9+. You can also get up to $350 off on trading in qualifying device. Pre-order starts on March 2.

AT&T – For a 30 month time period, they will charge $26.34 for the S9 and $30.50  for the S9+ per month. Pre-order starts on March 2.

T-Mobile – Unlike AT&T, they are setting up a time period of 24 months. While you get the S9 for $30 per month without any down payment, you will need to pay a $120 to get S9+ for $30 a month. You can get up to $360 cash back on exchanging older device. Pre-order starts on March 2.

Verizon – For a period of 24 months, you can own the S9 for $33.33 a month and the S9+ for $38.74 a month. You can also get up to $350 off on trade-in deals. Pre-order starts on March 2.

Sprint – Like last year, they are yet to release any plans yet. Pre-order starts on March 2.




Via 9to5google