Google+ Andriod app will soon be updated with a brand new design


Google+ may not be as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but Google is trying its best to keep it alive for what userbase it has left. For the same, Google is going to release a new version of Google+ Android app, completely reworked to improve performance.

Announced on Google+ by Leo Deegan, the engineering manager for the Google+ team, Google+ users on the Android platform will receive a brand new version of Google+ app in the upcoming days. They claim to have to rewritten most of the core code to increase the performance of the app, such as stream rendering and scrolling.

There’s still a few known bug but users who’re willing to try it anyway will be able to do so soon. The app update will be released sometime in future, the exact date or time is not known yet. Stick with us to find out!

Via AndroidPolice