Microsoft Windows 10 S will soon be a “mode” rather than a SKU


Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S as a version of Windows 10 streamlined for security and performance. The OS was originally intended to be a Chrome OS alternative with a lightweight design and minimal features, but now Microsoft may turn it into a separate mode available for all existing Windows 10 version.

As Brad Sams reports at, Microsoft will offer S mode on all Windows 10 versions starting Redstone 4. Windows 10 S SKU will be discontinued as a part of it.

Windows 10 S only had limited success, with only 60% users using it on low-end third-party devices according to Microsoft. As many as 60% of the users who replace Windows 10 S do so within the first 24hrs.

Switching between S mode and Non-S mode would cost you money, depending on the OS you’re using. Switching from S to non-S on Home would be free, but for doing same on Pro you’ll have to pay $49.

Windows 10 S offered limited functionalities such as Store only apps, but now with removable restrictions, more OEMs will be inclined towards shipping their devices with Windows 10 installed and S more on. We think this would be a win-win situation for both customers and the manufacturers, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.