Youtube TV for Apple TV now ready to be downloaded


Google had confirmed last year that it was working on Youtube Apps for Roku TV and Apple TV, and they have kept their promise of publishing it to the public sometime in spring 2018. This was a really good step taken by the company because, it made streaming the service easier and faster. The company probably worked on the app from a long time as it released it yesterday, before time.

Even though we finally received Roku support for YouTube TV, the Apple TV app was nowhere to be seen. At the time the Roku app went live, Google said that an Apple TV version would go live “very soon,” and as it turns out, it wasn’t kidding. YouTube TV is now available on Apple TV, giving even more people the chance to use their subscriptions through their streaming box of choice.

Google needs to be consistent with providing updates to its TV Apps both on Roku TV and Apple TV, because its a really big step taken to compete with the other streaming services already available for the ecosystem. Though YouTube TV was first only launched in a few cities around the US, in the time since then, availability has grown to 80 markets across the country.

Sadly, Youtube app is only compatible with 4th-generation Apple TV boxes and Apple TV 4K, so if you don’t have one of those, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware. If you own one of these hardware, you can head into the store and download the app right away.