Microsoft confirms no more new Insider builds for Windows 10 mobile


Its no news to a Windows 10 Mobile user that the OS is dying, but a recent tweet by Brandon LeBlanc put the final nail in the coffin. With it  now confirmed that there will be no Windows 10 Mobile Insider  builds in future, there’s nothing much left to expect from Microsoft on Windows mobile platform.

Joe Belfiore in one of his tweets mentioned that Windows 10 mobile wasn’t their priority at that moment. They did, however, confirm that there will be security fixes and bug fixes in the upcoming builds. The recent tweet confirms that no new features will be released for Windows 10 Mobile, hence no Insider builds. The regular updates would likely be released directly to all users at the same time. So if you’re enrolled as an Insider for Windows 10 Mobile, it’s time to cancel enrollment as there’s no use for it in future.

Via Neowin