How Modern Technology Can Streamline Business Processes


The business landscape is continuously evolving. The increasing pressure to meet the demands of a modern, technology-driven world is a plight understood by all business owners, but it’s a transition that should be encouraged. Apps and single solution software packages are helping business to attract new talent, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately, increase their bottom line.

Technology has a lot to offer us, and HR systems, in particular, are helping to streamline companies of all sizes and sectors. Here are just some of the ways modern technology is transforming processes for businesses around the world.


The introduction of productivity trackers to online business management solutions means that business owners can now keep a closer eye on the efficiency of their teams. This allows companies to gain a better understanding of the needs of their employees, cracking the productivity problem in modern workplaces.

Thanks to analytics, managers and business owners can get an accurate picture of which skill sets are most valuable to their company, (along with the areas employees are struggling with) and allocate further training accordingly.

Training and Development

Gone are the days of expensive, ineffective external training courses – business owners now have a range of online learning tools at their disposal. Training apps, collaborative development tools and interactive learning resources are designed to teach specific skill sets, offering evaluation at each stage to make sure employees have understood the information they’ve received.

Interactive training materials have proven to be a lot more engaging than traditional methods, with employees retaining three times as much knowledge than if the information were delivered verbally.

Time Management 

Automated systems are eliminating the need for manual processes, freeing up hours of employees time that was previously spent on repetitive admin tasks, such as entering payroll information or generating invoices. All in one, “single solution” HR and payroll systems are dramatically reducing the time spent on administration tasks, as well as reducing errors and increasing consistency. The XCD HR Core Solution uses the world’s most trusted enterprise platform; so if you’re looking for a single solution HR system, book a demo online today.


Productivity trackers allow professionals to identify “weak links” in their teams. If someone isn’t pulling their weight, for example, they can be reassigned, given further training or even replaced.

When it comes to the recruitment process, HR technology systems allow companies to compile data all in one place, where it’s easier to filter and vet individual candidates. Some software packages even allow users to prescreen potential candidates to cut down interview time. These processes are especially useful in large departments that deal with a heavy workflow and a large number of job applications.


Web-driven applications can help companies to turn the onboarding process into an interactive experience. Not only has technology-driven training proven to be more effective than traditional introduction processes, but it also requires far fewer resources than “shadowing” or “hand-holding” approaches.