This Japanese Technology Unveils In-screen fingerprint scanner for LCDs.


CES 2018 was all about Synaptics and Vivo’s new in-screen fingerprint sensor which was basically for OLED displays. It was designed for OLEDs because they are thinner than LCDs and that’s why it was possible to fit in the fingerprint sensor.

Now Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has unveiled its own technology that could do something similar for LCD screens, but in a different way.

Using JDI’s Pixel Eyes technology, a capacitive fingerprint sensor can actually be built into the glass of the displays. The technology has advanced enough that placing your finger on the screen will allow the glass-embedded scanner to actually detect the ridges of your fingerprint. The process still is advancing, with JDI hoping that it can eventually use the sensor for flexible screens as well.

Though JDI is planning to out this in Smartphones, it is also thinking of using the technology for smart vehicles, banking, and other IoT applications.

The sensor measures 8mm by 8mm, making its form factor fairly easy to integrate into the LCD creation process. The sensor is expected to start shipping to OEMs sometime before the end of March 2019.

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