iOS 11 is now Installed on 65% of Devices : Apple


We all know how good Apple is, when it comes to push the OS updates which is iOS, in this case. Well according to new statistics Apple shared yesterday on its App Store support page for developers, iOS 11 is now installed on 65 percent of iOS devices.

That adds up 6% since December 5, when iOS 11 was installed on 59 percent of devices, and 13% since November 6, when iOS 11 was installed on 52 percent of devices.


Image : Mac Rumors


Also, 28% of devices continue to use iOS 10, while earlier versions of iOS are installed on seven percent of iOS devices.

iOS 11’s adoption rate was rather slower than iOS 10. In January of 2017, for example, iOS 10 was installed on 76 percent of iOS devices rather than 65 percent of iOS 11 in 2018.

Apple has released several updates for iOS 11 since its September launch, but the operating system has also been plagued by bugs and security issues, which doesn’t appear to have helped adoption rates.

iOS 11.2.1 and iOS 11.2.2, the two latest iOS 11 updates, were both released to address major bugs and vulnerabilities. iOS 11.2.1 fixed a HomeKit bug that allowed for unauthorized access to HomeKit accessories, while iOS 11.2.2 introduced mitigations for the Spectre vulnerability impacting all modern processors.

With iOS 11.2 came new features like the Apple Pay cash and 7.5W Wireless charging, but even that update doesn’t appear to have spurred a larger than normal growth in adoption rate.

Some iOS 11 users who were unhappy with the current version of iOS were also able to recently downgrade their operating systems when a brief oversight saw Apple signing older versions of iOS dating back to iOS 6.

Apple will introduce iOS 11.2.5 next week which is a very important Update that fixes the bug for an exploit that allows a malicious link to freeze the Messages app when received via text message.

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