Here are all the Games which you can play on the Razer Phone at 120Hz!

Smooth AF!


Razer, a company which makes gaming laptops and PCs made a phone in 2017, the Razer Phone. They defintely had to make the phone gaming oriented and while doing that, a lot of every day tasks are also good on that phone. One of the most stand out feature was its 120Hz Display.

We saw that in the new iPad but this phone has that, all the time. But most of the Android apps and games don’t support a higher refresh rate so Razer listed the ones which did.

Here are all those apps and games which can run 120Hz on the Razor Phone listed by category:


• Tekken Mobile
• Injustice
• Injustice 2
• Mortal Kombat X


• Final Fantasy XV: Personal Edition
Space Rangers: Legacy
• Vendetta Online
• Runescape
• Lineage 2: Revolution
• Evoland
• Middle Earth: Shadow of War


• Arena of Valor
• Vainglory


• Titanfall Assault
• Warhammer 40k: Freeblade
• Warfair
• World of Tanks: Blitz
• World of Warships


• Minecraft
• Sandbox 3d


• Star Vikings
• Puzzle Quest 2
• Talos Principle
• Mini Metro
• Hitman Go
• Lara Croft Go
• Deus Ex Go


• Gear.Club
• Asphalt 8
• Riptide GP: Renegade


• Pac-Man
• Pac-Man Pop!
• RC Soccer
• Super Samurai Rampage
• Chicken Jump
• Zen Pinball


• Modern Combat 5
• Shadowgun Legends
• Hitman Sniper


• KillAllZombies
• Meridian
• Bug Butcher
• Caterzillar
• Dash Galactic


• Chameleon Run
• Armajet


• OK Golf


• Dub Dash


• Pokemon Go


Along with the gaming capabilities, Razer Phone has every flagship spec of 2017. The hest dissipation is pulled off by Razer’s engineers which allows the Snapdragon 835 processor to run cooler and faster.

The phone also has 8 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a massive 4,000 mAh battery. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack on the Razer Phone, but it does include a USB Type-C adapter that contains a 24-Bit THX Certified DAC inside for a better audio experience. And speaking of audio experience, those two front-firing speakers are impossible to ignore.

What do you think about the Razer phone? Do you think Razor has the best Gaming gadgets ever? Let us know in the comments below.