Apple Publishes Response to Battery Controversy

Apple admits wrong doing


It was recently discovered that as batteries in Apple’s iPhones have been degrading the performance of the device suffers along with it. Many groups have filed lawsuits claiming Apple is purposefully degrading performance of their iPhones to get them to buy new ones. In previous statements Apple said they do this to prevent “unexpected shutdowns”

A few hours ago Apple published a response to this controversy to communicate to their users what they are doing to remedy this problem. First, any phone that is out of warranty can have their battery replaced for $29 instead of the usual $79 until December of 2018. They will also be implementing software to in early 2018 to check the health of your phone’s battery to know when it may require a change.

These changes are helpful, however they do not solve the problem at hand. The issue is that batteries in phones degrade far too fast and the constant need to charge them causes them to degrade faster. It is my hope that the awareness to batteries failing more quickly will cause Apple to put larger batteries in their phones and focus more on researching new battery technology for longer lasting batteries both in charge and longevity of their lives.

What do you think? Do you think Apple’s response was enough or should they have done more? What are your views on how long batteries last?

Source Apple Apology Letter