LG Partners with HERE to create Autonomous Vehicle Info System.


LG Electronics partnered up with HERE Technologies to create a new platform for self-driving cars’ navigation systems and onboard sensors. The two companies plan to offer a “next-generation telematics solution for autonomous vehicles,” combining the considerable digital mapping and navigation expertise of HERE with LG’s communications technologies.

No, LG isn’t adding autonomous vehicles to its line of all sort of electronics from smartphones and televisions to washing machines and air conditioners.. But it’s actually about what information those vehicles can gather, process, and use.

HERE Technologies was part of Nokia until 2015, and its impressive pedigree goes all the way back to Navteq, an early leader in digital mapping. HERE is now owned by a consortium made up of three German auto manufacturers, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

HERE isn’t something like Google Maps but its technologies are in wide use across the industry, with its mapping data used not only in automotive systems, but also by Facebook, Microsoft’s Bing, and Amazon.

Among HERE’s mapping and navigation technologies is HD Live Map, which is designed to read street signs and detect objects and obstacles on the road in real time. LG says HD Live Map will be a key part of what the two companies develop together, claiming that they will be able to rapidly scan the environment around a vehicle and send that data to the cloud for analysis and transmission back to the ground for driving information customized to each vehicle using the system.

Still, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding HERE-LG technology being deployed by any of its three owners in their cars.

It’s interesting to see what we are going to have in near future with TESLA already living in Future. Will Mercedes, BMW and Audi launch cars similar to Tesla Model 3 with HERE-LG navigation system? Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.