OneDrive for Android updated with support for Android Notification Channel


Microsoft has rolled out a new update for OneDrive on Andriod with better support for notifications on Andriod Oreo,

Andriod Oreo introduced a new feature “Notification Channels” which lets you set different levels of priority for notifications. Different levels of priority for notifications decide how notification will be displayed on the screen.

You can choose between many levels of notifications:

  • Urgent: Alert sound and screen display
  • High: Alert sound only
  • Medium: No sound.
  • Low: No audible or visual alert
  • Sound: Set any supported sound as the notification tone for the channel.
  • Lights: hardware notification light.
  • Vibration: Vibration alert
  • Lock screen behavior: Select if a notification should appear on the lock screen or not.
  • Override do not disturb: Select if a notification should bypass any sound do not disturb settings.

The notifications levels above were implements in the new update v5.2 for OneDrive.

The official changelogs reads:

  • “Full support for Android Notification Channels to help you take control over your notifications.”

If you’re on Andriod Oreo you can try it out right now after the update.

Get the app from below:

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Microsoft OneDrive
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