Tips for Buying a Laptop During the Holiday Season


It’s the New Year’s holiday season so you would see dozens of new discounts on electronics like laptops and desktops. If you have been thinking about buying a new computer, the holiday shopping season can be a good time. However, as always, it’s important to do your research and inform yourself to avoid spending a lot of money on a product that is not suited to your needs. With that in mind, read the below tips for buying a new laptop this holiday season:

Make Sure You Need the New Laptop

First of all, make sure you actually need a new laptop. You only really need to buy a new laptop if your old laptop is aged beyond five years, is damaged in some way, or if you have new needs that your old laptop cannot handle. Don’t buy a new laptop just because you see a seasonal deal on a TV. Assess your preferences and requirements carefully before buying a new laptop.

Keep Your Future Needs in Mind

Laptops are not like smartwatches, you cannot replace it every two or three years. When you buy a laptop, you have to be sure that you can use the product for the next five to ten years. Therefore, you should consider your future needs when choosing a product. For example, you may not need 16GB of RAM right now, but will you play games or perform video editing on your laptop in the future? It’s a good idea to buy a product with better specs than you need right now to future proof your purchase.

Consider Any Accessories You Might Need

Most users prefer to accessorize their laptops, especially when using at home. If you are a writer, you might prefer an external keyboard. If you love streaming movies, you might want to have a bigger external monitor that can display HD graphics. Not all laptops can be accessorized similarly. Therefore, if plan on having additional accessories, do your research and choose a machine that can support the external devices you want. Make sure you know how to purchase the right component for the laptop you have.

Choose a Gaming Laptops for Gaming Needs

Planning on playing Overwatch or Destiny 2 on your new laptop? If you are a gamer, then just go ahead and buy a gaming laptop. Standard laptops with 8GB of RAM, a Core i5 or higher, and integrated graphics are suitable only for games like Minecraft, which are not graphics intensive. If you want to play 4k games on your laptop, you will need a gaming machine with a great graphics cards, 16GB or higher RAM, and an Intel Core i7 (at least until the i9 is commercially available). Buy a gaming laptop for portability. If you play games exclusively at home, a desktop would be better because you can upgrade the graphics card as needed.

Don’t Go for the Steepest Discount

From December to January, you will see all sorts of discounts on electronics like laptops. Don’t rush to buy a discounted product just because you can save money. Keep in mind that you will be using this laptop for years to come. What matters most is that you buy the best product, not that you save fifty bucks. Therefore, don’t base your purchase decisions on discounts alone. Once you know which laptop you want, then you can hunt for discounts, but not before.

Beware of Holiday Bundle Deals

Electronic bundle deals are quite common too during the end-of-the-year and New Year shopping season. Be very skeptical of these deals. Retails often bundle low-quality products together so you may not be getting a great “deal” as you think. If you want accessories with your laptop, buy separately. Unless the bundles are being offered directly by the manufacturer (like Dell or HP), be very wary of them.

Use the above tips to make an informed purchase this holiday season. Generally speaking, don’t rush to buy a laptop. Take your time to do some research, compare products and prices, and then make your purchase decision.