Twitter Introduces method to create Threads for correlated but discrete pieces of content.



Twitter users who wanted to tweet more than the 280-character limit but still post more related information now have an innovative approach.


Another approach for threading tweets within Twitter was to reply to your own tweet and remove the handle. This was a cumbersome method to thread tweets and as such not a simple or intuitive way to go about it.

Thankfully, Twitter has introduced an easy way for users to thread tweets together. A tweet now has a plus icon on the bottom right corner, that can be tapped or clicked to add another tweet to a thread. Users can come back to a thread or tweet any time to add more tweets.

Twitter users have this option to create multiple posts in a thread and publish the entire thread at once by clicking on the new “Tweet All” option. Such tweets would have “Show this thread” option which would enable users to spot threaded tweets.

These threads allow users to post related content in any format whether it be photos, videos or Gifs.

Twitter has indicated that the threading feature will be rolling out on Android, iOS and the web for all users over the course of the next few weeks.