Facebook Announces “World Effects” AR Feature for Messenger.

This Snapchat-like feature is being rolling out soon for creators.

Facebook today announced the latest features for messenger which are very similar to Snapchat. The Social Media Gaint introduced “World Effects”, an Augmented Reality (AR) feature which drops 3D objects into your surroundings. World Effects is similar to what we have seen in Snapchat’s World Lenses.

When you pan your smartphone’s camera, World Effects uses 3D objects on the image and recognizes the surroundings. When you move your camera around, the World Effect will stay in the same location. Facebook says that currently, they support only a heart, arrow, and robot, while there are bubbles and words that read “love”, ‘bae”, “heart”, and “miss you”.

Facebook has been recently implementing a lot of new features. It recently merged Facebook’s Stories and Messenger’s Day. Messenger has also got the ability to send 4K images as well. On the one-year completion of native Camera feature in Messenger; Facebook has announced new AR-based ‘World Effects’ feature, which lets you drop 3D objects into your surrounding.

To add a World Effect, open the Messenger Camera from the inbox and then scroll to choose from the camera effects and pick an effect and then tap to add it to your image. Apart from launching World Effects, Facebook has made yet another announcement where it has announced that it is opening its AR Studio to developers. Facebook is currently rolling out World Effects to all of its users around the world.