Synaptics ‘Clear ID’ Under-display Fingerprint Sensor All Set to Enter Mass Production in 2018.


2017 was the year of bezel-less displays. From the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the iPhone X and even the OnePlus 5T ; we’ve seen nearly every smartphone manufacturer to undergo this trend.

Now, there were many challenges about pushing the bezels out. Front side essentials like the proximity sensor, ambient light sensors, front camera, front speakers, and most importantly the fingerprint sensor were to be put somewhere around. Every manufacturer responded differently Ro overcome these problems. Some had a slightly cracked up bezels to house the sensor while some had a notch. Some moved the fingerprint sensor to the back whole some complete ditched it.

But finally, Synaptics has found a new modern way to house the fingerprint sensor – under the display. Clear ID” is Synaptics new under-display fingerprint sensor which is set to enter mass production for the first time next year. We’ve seen the tech to do this a couple of times from the likes of Qualcomm and others, but no one has been able to get it to mass production before Synaptics. Apparently, this new sensor is going to be available for a “top 5 OEM” in 2018 for a device with a “bezel-light” display.

The company says that Clear ID doesn’t trade-off anything like other fingerprint sensor solutions have. The clear shot is at Apple’s Face ID which, while impressive, is still much slower than a fingerprint sensor. Clear ID is apparently twice as fast as “3D facial recognition” and, of course, only requires one touch to work.

The new Synaptics Clear ID optical fingerprint sensors deliver one-touch high-resolution scanning through full cover glass and enable sleek, button-free, bezel-free infinity displays. It excels with wet, dry and cold fingers and is durable, scratchproof and waterproof.

In-display fingerprint technology allows users to securely unlock the device in situations including while it’s sitting on the table, at any angle, or while in a car mount. Synaptics’ Clear ID performance is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition and requires only one touch to access your smartphone.

While we don’t yet have any official and reliable information about Synaptics’ partner manufacturer, we do know that it would be among the Samsung, Apple or LG and even Motorola and HTC. The technology would probably be featured on phones aligned in Q4 2018.

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