Samsung Health App Reveals Another Change in Design for the Galaxy S9.


We already saw so much rumours about the Galaxy S9 and have already estimated that the S9 could he launched in January 2018.

But it looks like Samsung’s own Health App has revealed a new piece of information giving us a glimpse of some possible changes that are coming to the handset in 2018.

The Galaxy S8 amd S8 Plus were great phones. But among the few things which people didn’t like was the placement of fingerprint sensor.

Well if a new screenshot is to be believed, the upcoming Galaxy handsets might change things.

The image shows off the Samsung Health app and instructions on how to use the heart rate sensor. If you look closely, you can see that the sensor is placed next to the camera, where the fingerprint reader used to be on the Galaxy S8.

If all goes to plan, we should hear some news as soon as January. If not it will hopefully be only a few months more.