Top Phone Apps You Just Gotta’ Have!


Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and specifically, everyone has a smartphone these days. One of the most fun things about having a smartphone is the huge range of apps that you can download to enhance your phones features. You can quite literally get an app for anything these days- to track your diet, record your snoring, scan business cards, and more- the sky is the limit. But what are the phone apps you must have on your mobile device? Let us read on to find out more!


This app has revolutionised the way in which we take photographs. Now everyone can create beautiful, professional looking images with their smartphone and a few swipes of their thumb. You can take the photograph in the application, or import images that are already stored on your phone. From there you can apply a range of filters from black and white ones, to high contrast, or muted over-exposed options. Alternatively, you can tweak various settings such as light, contrast, and saturation to get the effect you desire. Instagram then allows you to share on its platform, as well as share to Facebook. By adding hashtags with relevant words, you can quickly add your image to a conversation, or find other images by other users that are similar in their content.

Google Drive

For those that work on the go, or just want access to all their documents and files wherever they are, the Google Drive app is a must have. Free to use, it stores all your documents, images, and other files on the cloud, which means you can easily access them wherever you are and whatever you are doing- as long as you have the app on your phone. Google Drive also offers the feature of creating and editing spreadsheets and word documents within the app which means you can make changes or start new documents whilst you are on the go. Google Drive is one of those revolutionary, must have apps and with a bit of patience and some research on tips and tricks it is easy to get to grips with- I would be lost without it!


There are literally hundreds of social media platforms out there- but Twitter is without a doubt, one of the most popular. With millions of users worldwide, Twitter is used by celebrities, the President of the United States and even government departments as a means to communicate news, information and more. Twitter is often one of the first places that you can find out about breaking news and real-time events, as well as discuss current affairs, and of course get into arguments with random internet users. A must have for anyone with an interest in current affairs, download Twitter today.