LG V30+ DAC and AMP Impression

Is this why people love the "V" Series?


I have been having trouble understanding why people like the LG V30 and V30+ so much. The software is passable, the cameras are ok, and battery life has been decent, however, these are experiences you could have on phones that are half the price. After using the phone as I would any other phone for the past few days I wanted to listen to music while studying. Completely forgetting for a few minutes the capabilities of the V30+’s headphone jack I plugged in my ATH-M50X’s and it was revolutionary.

I had come from a 1st generation Google Pixel XL which is known for having a terrible headphone jack therefore I never really knew just how good my music could sound. I knew the M50X’s sounded much better than any cheap headphones I was using previously, however I never really knew just how much better these headphones could sound. When I turned on a song I had listened to dozens of times on Google Play Music I was hearing new back beats and aspects of the song I hadn’t heard in the past. It was really really great to understand just what people were raving about with these headphones and the phone itself. Although I wasn’t using the highest quality tracks it still sounded really good.

Did this sell me on the V30+ though? Right now, no it did not. If I wanted a phone with a good dedicated dac and amp I could pick up and LG V10 or V20 for much cheaper and use it as a dedicated music player which I would definitely do. I hope that over time I will come to enjoy the phone more, however, if you’re an audio buff and are looking for a new phone I would not hesitate to point you to the V30, however if you just want a device that can play audio really well then the V10 and V20 are still fantastic options from what I understand. I can assure you though, LG is doing an amazing job when it comes to audio performance from the headphone jack and I commend them for that.