Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS Finally Comes Out of Preview.

Microsoft even promoted it with a video.


After releasing a series of updates fixing bugs and adding cool features like the Dark mode and stuff, Microsoft’s Edge browser finally came out of preview/beta. The latest changelog also thanks users for thier feedback.

In a new video, Microsoft promoted the app for its ability to easily share mobile content with your desktop.

Watch this :

In their blog post, Microsoft says:

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android brings familiar features like your Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords across your PC and phone, so, no matter the device, your browsing goes with you. But what makes Microsoft Edge really stand out is the ability to continue on your PC, which enables you to immediately open the page you’re looking at right on your PC—or save it to work on later.

Microsoft Edge for Android is mainly built on the Chromium Engine and is a part of Microsoft’s efforts tp build an app that syncs with the mainstream Windows 10 browser. Microsoft Edge might be way behind Chrome and even Firefox but this app is a step in that direction. We all know Windows Phone is dead. And this seams Microsoft’s only way to build a Windows Friendly environment.

However It doesn’t offer much yet over rivals like Safari’s integration on the iPhone which lures many away from Chrome on phone, and it doesn’t yet have Chrome’s brand recognition.
Microsoft, however, says they have a long list of new features to build and improvements to make.

Let’s see how Microsoft gets the things done.