Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop App for MacOS is now Available on the App Store.


Microsoft has launched an updated Remote Desktop(RD) app for devices running on MacOS on the Apple App Store. The update brings out nee and improved UI design, better connection management and nee functionalities for remote session.

Check out the list below :

• When connecting to a PC or Server remotely you can redirect printers today into a remote session. With the new app the following additional devices can be enabled:
• Redirect your local microphone
• Redirect smart cards
• You can now use the MacOS keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste in a remote session.
• They have made the following UI improvements:
• Assign desktop connections to custom groups.
• Easily identify active connections in the connection center.
• Manage a single list of user accounts in the preferences of the app.
• Store multiple entries of the same username with different passwords.

You can download it from the app store from here.