Latest Version of Microsoft Edge for Android Adds up Dark Theme and Password Syncing Features.


After the launch of Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS last month, Microsoft has been working quite well for the browser. With launching many updates every week, this time the update adds up Dark theme and password syncing features in the Android App. We already saw this with the latest update of iOS as well, a couple of days ago.

The main reason why Microsoft has launched their apps for mobile devices other than Windows Phones is to give a seamless workflow across all their devices. You can now sync passwords across all your Microsoft account logged-in devices. When you setup the app, you are given the option to log in with a Microsoft account. You can also log in from the settings page.

Also, the Dark Theme is available and can be enabled via the settings option. With a few bugs like white background in some pages, the dark theme does a good job for most of the time.

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