SwiftKey Keyboard for Android updated with new languages and personalisation features


Microsoft-acquired Swiftkey has released a new update for its Android Keyboard in Play Store. The update includes eight new languages and personalization based on Outlook emails.

Swiftkey Keyboard is known for its AI-based text prediction system where the AI learns from the user through its past word usage pattern. Now owned by Microsoft, Swiftkey will utilize your Outlook mailbox to further improve the text-predictions.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Type in new 8 languages: Acehnese, Kurpian, Kiribati, Nauruan, Jamaican Creole, Persian (Latin), Mingrelian & Mizo
  • You can now personalize from your Outlook emails
  • Bug fixes

Get the app from below:

SwiftKey Tastatur
SwiftKey Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free