Deal : Get Huawei Watch 2 Sports at just $179 (or ₹11.6k).


The Huawei Watch Sports 2 is now available for just $179 or  ₹11,610 approx. which is usually available for $299 (₹19.3k) on Amazon. The smart watch is currently available on Amazon Global Store but it ships to India and some other countries for free.

The watch comes with Android Wear 2.0, and even GPS so that you can leave your phone at home, then go for a run or ride and all your important, brag-worthy stats will be recorded. It also has a built-in optical heart rate monitor that tracks your ticker 24/7; it should deliver a good look at your resting heart rate over time, which is an important metric for your overall fitness. It’s one of the few Android Wear watches that has a built-in speaker, which you can use for notifications and alarms, as well as playing music directly from the watch.

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