Mobile Apps That Are Revolutionizing Driving


In 1995, the first GPS navigation system was made available for cars. It was called GuideStar and it revolutionized the way we drive. However, these bulky GPS devices are now a thing of the past as new technologies are connecting our cars to our mobile phones. Mobile apps are becoming the future of cars and here are some of the most innovative ones out there in today’s marketplace.

Handsfree Parking Apps

Self-parking is now a reality with handsfree parking apps. Tesla and Mercedes-Benz have unveiled new technology that is allowing drivers to park their cars all from the convenience of their mobile phones. All you have to do is open the application and it will allow you to remotely park your car, or remove it from a tight spot, without having to be inside the vehicle. Some of these apps even provide the capability to use your mobile device as a car key so that you can start your engine before stepping foot inside your car.

Auto Doctor Apps

When something is wrong with our car, we take it to the dealer or an auto repair shop. However, what if you could tell what was wrong with your car before you took it in? Many apps are being designed to provide on-board diagnostics. The apps use a port that accesses data from the engine control unit and analyzes the problem right on your mobile phone. You can then take these diagnostics to the repair shop of your choice and know exactly what kind of service you need and what you should be paying.

Find My Car Apps

You can use technology to find your phone or find your friend, so why not find your car? As humans, we have a lot of things we need to focus on, which can sometimes make us forgetful. Well, now you can have technology do the remembering for you. These apps can link to Bluetooth and the satellite positioning of your car and help you remember where you parked. If you’re parked in a metered spot, some of these apps even remind you when your time is about to be up, and when you should put more money into the meter.

Car Monitoring Apps

Many of us use our cars for work and have to log in hours for expense or incident reports. However, with new apps such as HWYPro designed by entrepreneur Bill Busbice Jr., your phone can do the tracking for you. These apps make it easier for you to keep track of where you’re going, how many miles you traveled, and where you stopped so that you can fill out reports with precision. For once, you can simply enjoy the ride and have someone, or something, else fill out your paperwork.

Driving is one of the most difficult things a human can learn, so why make it harder on yourself? Integrate your car with your phone to bring it into the digital world. It’s time you make life a little easier for yourself.